"Haha ill admit you guys scared the hell out of me! Good job!!(:"
Melissa Lynn Prough via Facebook 10/12/12
"I'm back for round 4! I LOVE you guys! I wish I could live here! You're my fa vorite haunt out of the Springs and denver!... The makeup and costumes are so detail oriented, its sick. This is what makes them so different. They fabricate their own costumes and use a lot of textures. Its beautiful in a grotesque way"
Brien Hicks via Facebook 10/12/12
"Great job guys still the best 1 in Denver be seeing you guys again soon A+"
Ian Galindo via Facebook 10/13/12
"dont you evr get this feeling someone is right behind you...oh wait i lived that momment lol....stupid zombie saying i remember you..saw this zombie in the parking lot of City of the Dead Haunted House and he stalked me all the way to the end...thats not right.....it was fun feeling my nece jump and hear her scream lol we all know i sceamed too lol i had fun lol lol LOVE YA :)"
Rakay Mathias via Facebook 10/13/12
"You guys did a great job last night!! It was the only haunt ive been to so far that someone was able to get me to jump."
Natalie Gonzalez via Facebook 10/14/12
"We had a great time on Saturday night. Great scary haunt. Enjoyed it very much!"
Cathie G Chadwick via Facebook 10/15/12
"The actors were amazing once again! Well worth the drive yet once again! Love you guys!!!"
Brien Hicks via Facebook 10/19/12
"Hit a few haunted houses last night each were good but, second year in a row the City is by far the best!!! Like I've said you guys are the only ones who can ligitimently scare me with a chainsaw haha"
Kevin Wilson via Facebook 10/20/12
"I drove up from the Springs to see you guys! Me and my lady friend had a blast! The talkative fellow with the straw hat in the cemetary was AMAZING! He stayed in character the whole time my friend was flirting with him! The actors were intense, and for the first time in years, I was actually scared! Please let everyone know what a great job they did! I will see guys again soon!"
Brien Hicks via Facebook 9/29/12
"OMG!!!! THE CARNIVAL GAMES ARE JUST AWSOME!!!!! Anyone who comes out has to give them a shot and the prizes....those are just amazing!!!!! Well worth the little extra for the great things....and the basketball zombie is awsome....he really get's his "head" into the game."
Matthew Keysacker via Facebook 9/30/12
"Me and my friend just when through ur haunted house omg you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we were in the floor almost crying lol i love it!!! i willl go again lol"
Danielle Rodriguez via Facebook 10/5/12
"Amazing!!!! haunted house!:)"
Sierra Tatro via Facebook 10/7/12
"Definitely coming to city of the dead this season love your haunt"
Jamison Madison via Facebook 10/8/12
"You guys are awesome so much fun and amazing detail!! One of the best haunts in Colorado!"
Angela Martinez, 10/2012
"I love your haunt, and Imma marry that nine foot gore-god with the ginormous... MALLET! hahahaha!!!
I will be telling EVERYONE I know about your haunt and how rockin' it was! We will probably go at LEAST one more time before the end of the season..."
Reux Juice via Facebook, 10/2/11
"I got my FIRST visit in tonight, I enjoyed it VERY much !!! Good Job zombies and zombiets !!! Thanks Randy, for taking some time to talk to us, and letting us get a little closer look !!!!"
Douglas Swenson via Facebook, 10/7/11
"Went to the City of the Dead tonight and I must say it was fantastic! Highly recommended to everyone! I'm jaded due to the fact that I go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando every October and must say this is one of the rare times were I actually got scared at a local haunted house!"
Grant Hetherington via Facebook, 10/7/11
"After visiting seven haunted houses in the past week, I am pleased to say that for the second year in a row, City of the Dead is THE BEST in the Denver Metro area. Randy, thanks for taking a minute to speak to my wife and I as we entered. Very inspiring. Insane sets, creative "flow", incredible props and the best damned actors in the biz! Well done!"
Anthony Zotti via Facebook, 10/9/11
"Amazing time last night! Best haunted house ever."
Tarla Cummings via Facebook, 10/10/11
"Last year, I was impressed by the large number of actors you guys had. So many haunted houses have lots and LOTS of empty space that just leaves you wandering about the in the dark, bored. At your haunt, there was always a monster near you....whispering in your ear, blowing on the back of your neck, making smart comments. Nice!"
Candie Bernard on Facebook, 9/27/11
"I love this one because it's a haunt that goes on and on and makes you dread going around the next corner because the monsters are relentless"

Jeremy Coss on Facebook, 9/27/11
"My favorite part of the haunt is how much detail and realism Randy and his crew put into it! CITY OF THE DEAD is the most realistic and awesome horror show, without a doubt, and i can't wait to be terrorized by the putrid foul flesh-starved residents of CITY OF THE DEAD!!"
Jerry Steinhour on Facebook, 9/2/8/11
"I loved all the detail in every single room.. Not a single room was forgotten about. I really felt like I was in a town full of zombies. I loved it. It was the best haunted house! I must admit I was skeptical about it at first but you guys blew me away!!!!"
Tarevah Sheahart on Facebook, 9/26/11
"he whole place freaked me out so bad!!! Especially with my bro was walking slow in front of me while someone was chasing me!! I gotta say, the old lady at the end topped it all off! The butcher was too crazy!! It all was"
Debi Collins on Facebook, 9/26/11
"My favorite was the dude on stilts standing in the super dark corner... he got me, not once but TWO times last year and both times I checked that damn corner... It made me jump, which almost never happens! Great job guys! Can't wait for this year too!!"
Marie Rathvon on Facebook, 9/25/11
"Favorite part? The chainsaw guys. Last time I got cornered by 2 chainsaw-bearing zombies, stumbled back through a screen to find a third zombie, and what with the strobe lights it was like a nightmare! Except the fun kind of nightmare where its awesome to get scared out of your socks. Or in my case, hat. It totally fell off, one of the zombies picked it up with his chainsaw, and my brother grabbed it for me. =P"
Lexi Anna on Facebook, 9/25/11
"Take it from a professional haunter- these guys are great. While my favorite part would have to be the highly detailed sets, many of nyou won't notice them, thanks to their superb acting team. From pop outs to gore, chainsaws to quality prop scares, these guys (while relatively new) know what they are doing. My suggestion? Bring a second pair of pants- you'll need them."
Keith Reily, Facebook review 9/16/11 
"This was the best haunted house in the Denver metro area last year. Can't wait to check it out again!"
Candie Bernard via Facebook 9/17/11
"I'm stoked! I drive up from the springs every year too see you multiple times through october. Your the only genuine scary haunted house denver has left. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to!"
E-mail received 9/21/11
"by faaaar... the best haunt I went to all year!"
Dennis Olson via Facebook, 11/4/10
"this one was good i think it was the best one i really got scared great job!"
Mariah Tena via Facebook, 11/2/10
"Had a blast! Both times we went, even though a girl freaked out when we went on the 29th. It still was alot of fun"
Jeff Romero via Facebook, 11/2/10
"I wanted to do it over and over again. Sometimes you just need to be scared SO FUN! Thanks!"
Twitter user acwilsonca, 10/23/10
"I thought [City of the Dead] was awesome. Love zombies and it was dark but had enough light that you could actually still see everything."
Twitter user shaneandrew82, 10/31/10
"...it was the best haunted house I have gone to. I fed the zombies with my screams & they seemed sated."
Twitter user lbgirl69, 10/31/10
"Went to see you guys last night. I will definately be coming back next year. Fantastic job. One of the best haunted houses in the Denver area."
Louise Bennet via Facebook, 10/31/10
"Thanks for making last night such an awesome time for me and my family! Definitely on my top 10 all-time best haunted house attractions."
James Adams vis Facebook, 10/31/10
"You guys were the better one out of the ones I went to. Hope to go back again next season."
Tony Lewis via Facebook, 10/31/10
"I just wanted to say that was the single greatest run-through of a haunted house I've ever experienced. You outdid yourself this year."
Robb Sherwin via Facebook, 10/31/10
"U really did a good job with my son! Scared him but weren't 2 aggressive 1 zombie even gave him a hi five! I can recommend this place 4 anyone......."
David Torrez via Facebook, 10/25/10
"the best haunt in denver colorado"
Curtis Hobbs via Facebook, 10/9/10
"Congrats! You guys have an amazing house! I was very glad to see a house that does live up to all it's hype!"
Hayes Colburn via Facebook, 10/29/10
"Visited your haunt this last Tuesday night. Your haunt is awesome!! Very cool layout. Love it!"
Sandy Love via Facebook, 10/28/10
"Was there last night. Had a BLAST! Love how long it is. Awesome rooms, incredible effects. Tons of chainsaws. Chainsaws are what scare me the most. A definite recommend to all I talk to."
Julia McCorkell via Facebook, 10/28/10
"I went here last night w my boyfriend and a friend I ran screaming through the entire thing! City of the Dead is amazing! The atmosphere is so incredible, there is so much attention to detail! I wanted to spend more time in each room just creeping myself out but the zombies would catch up and scare the living crap out of me! Chainsaw guy was relentless and the zombie school teacher was pretty good!"
Allie Verlaine via Facebook, 10/27/10
"Loved this haunted house best one i've ever been to!!! two thumbs up!"
'Jam Jamming' via Facebook, 10/27/10
"Just wanted to give your staff kudos for the scariest haunted house I've ever been to! I have blogged, tweeted, text and have told anyone I know (and a few people I didn't) about your haunt. I was so scared.... It was awesome! Thanks for a great scare!"
Michelle A. Just via e-mail, 10/23/10
"Just wanted to say thank you for the tickets. My friends and I had so much fun! So far, you're my favorite for this year, 2nd year in a row!"
Dusty Alan Jones, winner of our first Facebook giveaway, 10/11/10
"Never thought it was possible to be so frightned in a haunted house. You guys were awesome I have been to a few haunts this year and nothing comes close to what I experienced at yours. Chainsaws at the lake spot scared the living shit out of me never been so scared in my life got chased away fromy group literally didn't know if I was going to finish it spooked me so bad. Killer job."
Ryan Minnehan via Facebook, 10/11/10
"‎10 out of 10 -- Amazing haunted house, favorite of the year by far. Great actors, and theme. We miss last years layout, and the fog was too thick to see all of your amazing props, but this haunt thoroughly scared everyone in my group from the time we walked through the doors. Keep up the great work, I plan on bringing 5 more friends along and check out this haunt 1 more time before the season ends, but I am already looking forward to next year!"
Steven Blan via Facebook, 10/26/10
"Went there last night with some friends and it was non-stop terror! WE LOVED IT!!! Highly recommend!"
Facebook user, 10/22/10
"As an actor for haunted mines in Colorado Springs, let me tell anyone wondering about the quality of this haunt to fear not, or rather, fear greatly: this haunt is the most detailed haunt in the denver area. Well done.

I truly appreciated your beautiful scenes, and your actors were spot on. While the pattern of room, "outdoor" room , repeated a small bit, there was immensely strong atmosphere throughout, with well fleshed out scenes and scares. To all victims, er, guests: Watch your step, you never know when you're gonna be someone's meal. Great job recreating the Zed apocalypse, it felt like Raccoon City all over again!

In closing: a very detailed, well planned haunt( seriously, well placed distractions. Kudos.) that will fully satisfy any intensity of haunt goer. Thank you all.

Keith Reily, Actor Trainer for Haunted Mines"
via Facebook, 10/22/10
"My friend and i went to city of the dead last year and it was great! We went last night with a bunch of our friends and it was awesome! they all loved it! the attention to detail is just phenomenal! the actors are really good! i'm very picky when it comes to if i think a haunted house is good and City of the Dead is one of the best! we'll be back next year!!"
Mandi Watts via Facebook, 10/21/10
"That was The Greatist Haunted house I been too in Long Time Every actor was Awesome LOL Definatly telling all my friends and Buds about it"
Rocco Cuppari via Facebook, 10/19/10
"I just got back from the hunted house and i love the City Of The Dead!!!!"
Donika Dunlap via Facebook, 10/17/10
"I went last night and I gotta say is City of the Dead is a awesome attraction. Your actors and set design really made the haunt come alive. Especially the chainsaw zombies. Judge Graves and his Bailiff were awesome characters. Kudos to you guys for making another fine Haunt."
Tony Lewis via Facebook, 10/9/10
Out of the three [3] haunted houses I went to, this one had the best detail! The zombies were great! I will most definately be recommending this one to all my friends!
Tarevah Sheahart via Facebook, 10/3/10
Was so much fun........best one I went to out of all eleven this weekend.
Michael Gonzales via Facebook, 10/2/10
"I went through the haunted house last night... I was blown away... You scared the heck out of me on more than one occasion... I am absolutley impressed, I'd recommend everyone, get out this year and see the un-deads!"
Larry DW via Facebook, 10/1/10
"By far, the BEST haunted house I've ever been to; I started to cry I was so scared!",
Bobbie, age 20, 10/1/10
"...Las Vegas now has competition in Colorado." - female out of town guest, visited 10/10/09
"That [City of the Dead] haunted house was so scary!" - Rachel Miller, age 19
"That was awesome! City of the Dead ROCKS!" - David Anderson, age 27
"The [City of the Dead] haunted attraction is impressively expansive in scope. The recreated zombie town is pushing the envelope of what a haunted attraction can be." - The Denver Daily News
"The Best Haunted House I've ever seen!" - Katie Collier, age 23
"...a psychological master piece." - Treavor Brice
"...very impressive down to the last detail. A MUST see." - Gateway News