"As an actor for haunted mines in Colorado Springs, let me tell anyone wondering about the quality of this haunt to fear not, or rather, fear greatly: this haunt is the most detailed haunt in the denver area. Well done.

I truly appreciated your beautiful scenes, and your actors were spot on. While the pattern of room, "outdoor" room , repeated a small bit, there was immensely strong atmosphere throughout, with well fleshed out scenes and scares. To all victims, er, guests: Watch your step, you never know when you're gonna be someone's meal. Great job recreating the Zed apocalypse, it felt like Raccoon City all over again!

In closing: a very detailed, well planned haunt( seriously, well placed distractions. Kudos.) that will fully satisfy any intensity of haunt goer. Thank you all.

Keith Reily, Actor Trainer for Haunted Mines"
via Facebook, 10/22/10